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How Should I Store Fresh Organic Garlic Correctly?

Store garlic in a cool, well-ventilated area. Do NOT store it in the refrigerator or below 10°C or it will sprout (vernalization). The ideal setting is 13°C to 14°C; similar conditions of a good wine cellar. Nonetheless, garlic does rather well in a loosely lidded ceramic container on a kitchen counter or similar. However, not above or too close to your stove as it will dry out.

Allicin, the compound responsible for the beautiful flavour and therapeutic benefits in garlic doesn’t become available to us until the enzymes and sulfur compounds collide through processes such as chopping, crushing, cutting and chewing the garlic.

It is the chopping or crushing garlic before heating creates rich, complex flavours. Heating actually destroys allicin, so it is more beneficial to add your garlic toward the end of your cooked recipe. Of course, fresh organic garlic added to your vinaigrettes, dips, spreads and toppings add a health benefit as well as great flavour.

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